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What does the attribute "packed" and "aligned" mean for GCC compiler in Linux? How to use these two attributes? Please give example code segments.

Reference no: EM132183845

How a circulator could be arranged to do the same thing

Draw a sketch showing how a hybrid tee could be used to connect a transmitter and a receiver to the same antenna in such a way that the transmitter power would not reach the

Teaching net present value-future value

You have been asked by a manager in your organization to put together a training program explaining Net Present Value (NPV) and Future Value (FV) and how they are used to ev

Write a report on the gasoline use by state in the year 2004

The following data show the per capita (gallons used per person) consumption in the year 2004. Using appropriate graphical displays and summary statistics, write a report on

International business

The Topic Paper will be on a current topic in international business. The paper must focus on the international aspects of the topic. The paper should have at least four sourc

Does the set form a lattice under that relation

Consider a set with elements that are totally ordered by a relation. Does the set form a lattice under that relation? If so, show that it does. If not, give a counterexample

Companion viruses are an increasing problem

Hackers and their companion viruses are an increasing problem, especially on the Internet. What are the most important measures for a firm to take to protect itself from

Display the status of a process

Use this code snippet as your guidance. You need to add the following options in this program 1. Give the user an option to enter different status for a process 2. Display th

Find the angular velocity of the sander disk

Carpentry Carpenters use circular sanders to smooth rough surfaces, such as wood or plaster. The disk of a sander has a radius of 6 inches and is rotating at a speed of 5 re


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