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What does the attribute "packed" and "aligned" mean for GCC compiler in Linux? How to use these two attributes? Please give example code segments.

Reference no: EM132183845

Second version of the program

Write a Java program (non-GUI preferred) that has a method named atomic().Demonstrate in the program how two threads can, sometimes, invoke atomic() concurrently. Create a s

Calculate execution time of a program

A.) Calculate execution time of a program on a 2 GHz processor. B.) Find global CPI of the program. C.) If number of load instructions can be reduced by one-half, what is the

Security and compliance

Security and compliance are interconnected in important ways. What happens if you have a policy, but you cannot assure compliance? There is no automated enforcement mechanis

What percent of the times actually fall within this interval

The mean finishing time was 78.21 seconds, with a standard deviation of 1.03 seconds. If the Normal model is appropriate, what percent of the times should be within 0.5 seco

Implement the data validation enhancement

Implement the data validation enhancement you designed in the previous task. Include an error-checking condition to allow the user to reenter a data value that is not valid.

Demonstrate the class in a program

Write a class with a constructor that accepts a String object as its argument. The class should have a method that returns the number of vowels in the string, and another me

Tables in project are normalized

Normalization - Assume that you have not read this lecture and you have created your lab project (tables). Do you think your tables in your project are normalized? Explain h

How many voice channels could be carried on a t-1 line

Suppose that the same type of vocoder used in full-rate TDMA cellular radio were to be used for wireline telephony. How many voice channels could be carried on a T-1 line?


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