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The Maclaurin series expansion for the natural log of (1 + x) up to some order n isgiven by

ln(1 + x) = x -(x^2)/2+(x^3)/3-(x^4)/4+(x^5)/5- · · ·(x^n)/n, for |x|<1.

The approximations of ln(1 + x) for n = 2, n = 3, and n = 4 terms are as follows:

ln(1 + x) = x -(x^2)/2

ln(1 + x) = x -(x^2)/2+(x^3)/3

ln(1 + x) = x -(x^2)/2+(x^3)/3-(x^4)/4

Write a function natlogApprox that takes scalar input arguments x and n, and returns the approximate value of ln(1+x). Note that your code should use MATLAB's built-in vector operations to solve this problem. Do not use for and while loops.

Reference no: EM131260334

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