Managing services in competitive environment
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Organized retailing in India is progressing towards a tough competitive environment where only those retailers would survive who can understand their customers and develop a strong bond with them by developing and implementing appropriate strategies and programs effectively. Retailing firms need to learn how to manage customer expectations to gain a competitive advantage.

This report envelops:-

1.      Introduction

2.      Review of literature

3.      Objectives of the study

4.      Overview of Service Sector: International Perspective

5.      Overview of Service Sector: Indian Perspective

6.      The various sectors that combine together to constitute the service industry

  • Trade
  • Hotels
  • Railways
  • Transport & Storage
  • Communication (Post, Telecom) Banking
  • Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Business Services
  • Public Administration; Defence
  • Personal Services
  • Community Services
  • Other Services

7.      Retail sector in India

8.      Competitive strategies:

  • Cost leadership
  • Differentiation strategy
  • Focus strategy

9.      Porter's Five forces analysis for Retail Industry

10.  Retail business strategy

11.  Advertising

12.  Know your customers

13.  Pricing strategy

14.  Customization

15.  Storewide branding

16.  Use the internet

17.  Offer a promotion

18.  Challenges of retailing in India

19.  Suggestions

20.  Conclusion

21.  References

The traditional Retailers will always continue to exist but organized retailers are working towards revamping their business to obtain strategic advantages at various levels - market, cost, knowledge and customer.  The status of the retail industry will depend mostly on external factors like Government regulations, policies and real estate prices, besides the activities of retailers and demands of the customers also show impact on retail industry. 

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