Managing projects - a team-based approach

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Managing Projects: A Team-Based Approach

Note: Managing Projects: A Team-Based Approach by Karen Brown & Nancy Hyer (Textbook).

(1). Compare and contrast the main approaches for developing a WBS. Which approach do you feel is most user-friendly? Explain your answer.

(2). How can the critical path algorithm be used to enhance a project schedule?

(3). Why is it important for a project to have team input during development?

(4). Compare and contrast the three methods of continuous learning during a project.

Reference no: EM1340898

Evaluate human resource strategies

Propose how you would ensure the HR strategy is in alignment with the business strategy. Describe the HR job positions and the responsibilities listed for that HR department.

Show the hr responsibilities

How will managers acquire the skills needed to fulfill their HR responsibilities and how can an organization ensure that they are recruiting and hiring for future needs?

Define public service culture

1. Define public service culture and explain if public service motives are exclusive to the public sector. 2. Explain why collaboration is important for effective public manag

Calculate business profits for the past year

Nigel has gathered together his costs and revenues and is about to calculate his business's profits for the past year. Nigel thinks that if his business has made a loss over

Explain factors that drive standardization of hrm practices

Examine two of the factors that drive standardization of HRM practices. Determine whether or not it is advantageous for an MNE to adopt a worldwide corporate culture for eac

Discuss the influence of uncertainty avoidance

Discuss the influence of uncertainty avoidance and the impact on levels of trust in new or different situations. How would you employ differing organizational structure cate

Was the team functional or effective in its approach

Think of a time when you have been a part of a specific team/committee for a project, event, or department. Was it an organic, non-organic, or project team? In relation to t

Internal business communication

For this week's discussion assignment, find an internal communication document (this could be e-mail, newsletter, memo, or other internal means of communicating with staff)


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