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  1. Of the major operating systems today and after taking this course, Between Microsoft, Apple and Linux, which do you like best and why? 
  2. Explain the differences between a page file and a swap file. Give an example of both, how they are used and what are the conditions in which they are used. What is the relationship between a swap file, a page file and virtual memory.

Reference no: EM132184838

What percent of the times actually fall within this interval

The mean finishing time was 78.21 seconds, with a standard deviation of 1.03 seconds. If the Normal model is appropriate, what percent of the times should be within 0.5 seco

What is the outage probability at snr equal

Consider a MIMO channel with three transmit antennas and one receive antenna. For an outage capacity Cout = 1 bit/(s Hz), what is the outage probability at SNR equal to γ = 10

Design a class that keeps track of a student’s food purchase

Every time food items are bought, points are deducted from the balance. If the balance becomes negative, the purchase of food items is not allowed. There is obviously more t

Create test data and demonstrate that your triggers work

Design and code a system of triggers to enforce the M-M relationship. Use Figure 10-40 as an example, but assume that departments with only one employee can be deleted by as

Discuss theimportance of the future

Read the article by Wagner titled "Top 10 Disappearing Futures" located in the ABI/Inform database of the CSU OnlineLibrary. Choose one of the disappearing futures and write a

Develop a simple website

Develop a simple website. Show the home page of the Web site that the visitors can use to visit the site and about 5 more pages plus some figures. Also show the site map at tw

Guidelines regarding the initial comment section

Observe the usual guidelines regarding the initial comment section, indenting, and so on.  In addition, In if-else statements, indent statements to be executed for if or el

Can you use the rogers and moore frameworks to explain why

What software technologies have been promoted in the last ten years? Which ones have resulted in widespread adoption, and which have not? Can you use the Rogers and Moore fr


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