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For this week, discuss your thoughts on the following ethical dilemma: You work in HR at a major consulting firm and one of the consultants comes to you and says that he cannot in good faith take an assignment at the Philip Morris company because they make products that kill people. How would you handle the situation? Once you have posted your response, respond to at least two other students.

Reference no: EM131408288

When acting on applications for medical staff privileges

When acting on applications for medical staff privileges, both government-owned and private hospitals must provide procedural due process. Under common-law principles, for man

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Chicago’s Treadway Tires Dealer must order tires from its national warehouse. It costs $10,000 to place an order and $400 to review the inventory level. Annual tire sales are

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Choose one government action that seemed wrong, silly, or inefficient on its face but was actually understandable after all of the facts were made clear. Is this an example of

Discuss in scholarly detail

Discuss in scholarly detail what is meant by an organization's external and internal environments and how the external and internal environments of an organization can influen

Analyze the impact of these events to the final project

On this day, the U.S. Army, Ground Forces and Special Operations, has contracted our company to provide them with 200 units of the Backpack with a built in refrigerated pouc

What problems would arise regarding building competencies

Without functional structure, what problems would arise regarding building competencies? How would you address these problems? From an insurance standpoint, what are the gener

Prepare brief analysis of the coffee industry

Prepare a brief analysis of the coffee industry using the information provided on industry trade association websites. Based upon information provided on the websites of these

More important stakeholder of the better business bureau

Which do you feel is the more important stakeholder of the Better Business Bureau, the business or the consumer? Assume the role of this stakeholder. What steps would you like


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