Logical grouping of business units to operate efficiently

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Departmentalization is the logical grouping of business units to operate efficiently. An organization can split its departments in many ways. Consider a company that develops software. The company develops office suite software, social media software, and video game software and currently uses functional departmentalization as a basis for its organization structure. How might this organizational structure change if the software company operated globally? And aditionally, How might it change if the software company developed software for different industries?

Reference no: EM131031883

Standard linear programming specification

AirMaster, a regional air cargo carrier in the Mid-West, flies a daily route between little Rock and Austin. The plane it uses has two cabins: a pressurized cabin for perishab

Develop an inventory ordering policy

Dunstreet's Department Store would like to develop an inventory ordering policy of a 99 percent probability of not stocking out. To illustrate your recommended procedure, use

The perfect target customer

What kind of web presence will be needed to reach the perfect target customer? Will blogging be among your marketing strategies? Online advertising? Why or why not? Would you

What is the bottleneck time of the system

What is the bottleneck time of the system. A production process at Kenneth Day Manufacturing. The drilling operation occurs separately from, and simultaneously with, the sawi

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act

In the past decade, actions to protect consumers have increased. For example, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 rose out of the Enron debacle; Edward Snowden, an ex-CIA computer

Business-to-business buying decisions

Overall goals that consumers may have when evaluating alternatives could include… In Ten points, clearly explain necessity motives and opportunity motives of entrepreneur. sug

Overcoming typical challenges

A major hailstorm has just affected your community in Mississippi. It is unclear what neighborhoods have been affected and what needs your citizens have. How does this situati

What will the court do with the cash

Mary Miser tells Gloria Goodytwoshoes that she is going to give her $1,000 cash. She will leave it in a safety deposit box which has Mary's and her husband's name on it. Mary


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