Logical grouping of business units to operate efficiently

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Departmentalization is the logical grouping of business units to operate efficiently. An organization can split its departments in many ways. Consider a company that develops software. The company develops office suite software, social media software, and video game software and currently uses functional departmentalization as a basis for its organization structure. How might this organizational structure change if the software company operated globally? And aditionally, How might it change if the software company developed software for different industries?

Reference no: EM131031883

What is a rhetorical analysis

What is a rhetorical analysis? What does it mean to analyze a text? (Your response should be between 50-100 words please.) This is an English question but could not find a cat

Considered an all encompassing theme

Among the approaches outlined in the text regarding leadership theories, conceptions, and approaches, which of the following would not be considered an all encompassing theme?

Analyzing the impact of the subtopic within the affordable

Select one of the 10 sections of the Affordable Care Act, then select a subtopic within that section and write an 800-1000 word paper analyzing the impact of the subtopic with

General approach to satisfying needs of that target market

The objective of this assignment is to have you take the retailer’s, rather than the consumer’s, perspective and think about the different strategies that the retailer you sel

What is the inventory turnover for the hamburger patties

The McDonald’s fast-food restaurant on campus sells an average of 3,200 quarter-pound hamburgers each week. Hamburger patties are resupplied twice a week, and on average the s

Learning organization-different reflections from practice

In Part 4 of the Fifth Discipline by Peter Senge, Senge provides different reflections from practice – what is the practice or story that captures your attention, and why? How

How advertising can act as a form of cultural imperialism

Define the term "Culture Jamming". Visit Adbusters, (http://www.adbusters.org/) and share your impressions of the website. Then, explain how advertising can act as a form of

Find an opinion piece that displays justice-based thinking

Find an opinion piece that displays justice-based thinking. Answer the following: Describe the ways that the author appeals to the fairness of the process—assuring notice and


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