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Task: You are required to create and deliver a presentation providing an analysis of an existing software exploit (therefore you are not required to craft a new, unknown exploit yourself).

You should describe the history of the exploit, show clearly how it works, provide a small runnable code example that illustrates the problem and show how the exploit can be fixed. As a second example of the exploit, you must also include code from a reasonably-sized working application that exhibits the problem and provide a patch to fix the exploit in that application.

Note: the code can be in any language running on any operating system as long as the exploit can be demonstrated safely in-class and assessed. Demonstrated safely means that you many not hack into any systems internal or external to the University, nor may you engage in any conduct that would violate the Student

Choose from:
• Buffer overflows (heap-based only)
• SQL injections (second-order only)
• Shellcoding
• Cross-site scripting (XSS)
• Insecure protocols
• Exploiting a device (hardware e.g., modem, printer, router etc.)

Put your team members and your choice on the unit discussion board. There are four deliverables for this assignment:
1. A PowerPoint presentation (60 slides, minimum) about your chosen exploit which you will both deliver to the class. Use the standard SCSS template. As part of the presentation you must demonstrate your exploit and fix it live. Allow 45 minutes for your presentation and 15 minutes for questions.

2. A user manual that describes how to install and configure a system to demonstrate your exploit, exactly as per your presentation.
3. Any software required to demonstrate your exploit.
4. Copies of any files used as references in digital format (e.g. pdf files for journal articles or mht files for web pages).

Reference no: EM13937049

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