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1.      Is it possible to change the home page as and when required?

  • No
  • Yes

2.      An ISP ________ is a company that provides Internet connectivity to individuals, businesses, and organizations.

  • USP
  • ISR
  • ISP
  • SIP

3.      Which of the following is not a Computing Device?

  • Mouse
  • Laptop
  • Personal Computer
  • Mobile Device

4.      Which of the following is a connecting device?

  • Mouse
  • CPU
  • Monitor
  • Modem

5.      Which of the following is not a search engine?

  • Google
  • Safari
  • Yahoo
  • Bing

6.      ________ has commands for moving around the webpage, printing, etc.

  • Menu Bar
  • Title Bar
  • Standard Toolbar
  • Office Button

7.      Identify the following icon


• Fill Color
• Print Preview
• Print
• New Page

8. What does COM stand for?
• Commercial
• Commerce
• Commence
• Common

9. A site or area on the World Wide Web that is accessed by its own Internet address is called a ________.
• Web Page
• Search Engine
• Website
• Brower

10. The ________ contains the webpage address.
• Menu Bar
• Title Bar
• Quick Access Toolbar
• Address Bar


1.      When you open an existing file, under what heading do the list of previously saved files appear?

·         Open

·         Saved Files

·         New Files

·         Recent Presentations

 2.      Sometimes, we may need to work with presentations that were created in earlier versions of Microsoft PowerPoint, such as PowerPoint 2003 or PowerPoint 2000. When we open these kinds of presentations, they will appear in ___________.


·         Standard Mode

·         Compatibility Mode

·         Automatic Mode

·         1st and 2nd both

 3.      If we want access to all of the PowerPoint 2010 features, we can convert the presentation to the 2010 file format


·         File, Convert, Save As, Save

·         Convert, Save As, Save, File

·         Save, File, Convert

·         Convert, Save As


4.      The slide that is used to introduce a topic and set the tone for the presentation is called the ________.

·         Table slide

·         Graph slide

·         Bullet slide

·         Title slide


5.      Which is the default type of slide or the most commonly used slide type?

·         Title Slide

·         Section Header

·         Title and Content

·         Title Only


6.      To instantly add a slide that uses the same layout as the one we have selected, simply click the top half of the ________ command.

·         New Slide

·         Previous Slide

·         Old Slide

·         Same Slide 

7.      Which of the following is not a type of slide view?

·         Quick View

·         Normal View

·         Slide Show View

·         Reading View


8.      The ________ tab shows your slide text in outline form. This allows us to quickly edit our slide text, and view the contents of multiple slides at once.

·         Insert

·         Outline

·         Format

·         Home


9.      Objects on the slide that hold text are called ________.

·         Placeholders

·         Object holders

·         Auto layouts

·         Text holders


10.  Which of the following will not advance the slides in a slide show view?

·         The spacebar

·         The Enter key

·         Esc key


·         The mouse button1. The Software which contains rows and columns is called ________.
• Database
• Drawing
• Spreadsheet
• Word Processing

2. Which of the following is a type of chart in Microsoft Excel?
• Arrow
• Triangle
• Cylinder
• Normal

3. In a chart, data values are represented by various colors or patterns. A ______ describes these colors or patterns that have been used.
• Legend
• Color
• Key
• Pattern

4. A ________ allows users to analyze, summarize and manipulate data in large lists, databases, worksheets, worksheets, tables or other collections of data in a flexible manner.
• Chart
• Graph
• Filter
• Pivot Table

5. A ________ is a sequence of keystrokes, mouse actions and other commands that are recorded for later use.
• Run
• Macro
• Record
• Data

6.Which of Excel's ribbon tabs is shown in the figure?



  • Formulas
  • View
  • Insert
  • Home


1.      Which of the following is not a term of Microsoft Excel?

  • Document
  • Cells
  • Rows
  • Columns


2.      Which option would you choose to create a Bar Graph?

  • Edit, Chart
  • Insert, Chart
  • Tools, Chart
  • Format, Chart


3.      The first cell in Microsoft Excel is labelled as ?

  • AA
  • A0
  • Aa
  • A1


4.      What is the Fill Color button under the Formatting Toolbar used for?

  • To insert a background
  • To add borders
  • To add shading or color to a cell range
  • To select a distribution of figures


1.      In order to create letters follow the following steps:

  • Insert, Letters
  • Mailings, Start Mail Merge
  • Insert, Mail Merge
  • Page Layout, Mail Merge


2.      An envelope cannot be used for which of the following:

  • To print a document.
  • To verify the delivery address
  • To the return address
  • To make adjustments to the envelope size


3.      The ________ feature lets you see what the printed document will look like before printing a document with errors in layout or presentation.

  • Print
  • Preview
  • View
  • Print Preview


4.      Which tab would you choose to add a border?

  • Insert
  • Format
  • Home
  • Office


5.      Which of the following is a type of chart in Microsoft Word?

  • Arrow
  • Triangle
  • Cylinder
  • Normal

6.    Name the following


·         1) Horizontal Scroll Bar 2) Vertical Scroll Bar

·         1) Vertical Scroll Bar 2) Horizontal Scroll Bar

·         1) Downward Scroll Bar 2) Rightward Scroll Bar

·         1) Upward Scroll Bar 2) Leftward Scroll Bar


7.      A wavy ____ line indicates a possible grammatical error or an extra space between words

·         Yellow

·         Red

·         Green


·         Black


8.      A wavy ____ line indicates a possible spelling error.

·         Red

·         Green

·         Blue

·         Orange

9. Name the following


10.      The ________ feature will automatically complete dates and words you use regularly.

·         AutoComplete

·         AutoCheck

·         Complete

·         Automatically Complete

Reference no: EM131094378

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