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Suppose that the keyboard device stored keystrokes in a buffer until it was full then sent the entire buffer for processing. What would be some adverse consequences? (Two or three sentences should be adequate to answer this question)

Consider the steps required to write a block of data from a disk to memory. Outline the major sequence of I/O events that must occur to make this possible. (There are three major steps)

How is an arithmetic overflow error or divide by zero error interrupt different than an interrupt from the hard disk controller signaling that a data transfer has completed? (Three or four sentences are sufficient)

Suppose that all programs in a particular CPU are given 50 clock cycles to process before getting swapped out for another program.  Suppose also, that it takes 5 CPU clock cycles to swap out the process control block (PCB) for a particular program and restore the next program's PCB. What percent of the CPU clock cycles are used for processing 100 programs? (Hint: calculate: Program clock cycles / (Swap clock cycles + Program clock cycles)). Show your work and how you arrived at the solution.

For a display of 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels at 16 bits per pixel how much memory, in megabytes, is needed to store the image?

What is the average rotational latency of a hard drive rotating at 7,200 RPM or 120 revolutions per second? (Give your answer in milliseconds)

Answer both part a and b.

What is the responsibility of the dispatcher during a context-switch?

There are two levels of scheduling. One level of scheduling determines which jobs will be admitted to the system and in what order. What does the other level of scheduling do?

There are many obvious advantages of a Graphical User Interface (GUI). But what are some disadvantages of a GUI?

How many 512 byte blocks are required to store a 1.6MB file?

Perform the Round-Robin dispatch algorithm, with time quantum  equal to 300 milliseconds, on the job queue and calculate:

Job 1 arrives at time 0 and needs 500 milliseconds to complete.

Job 2 arrives at time 300 milliseconds and needs 400 milliseconds to complete.

Job 3 arrives at time 400 milliseconds and needs 200 milliseconds to complete.

Job 4 arrives at time 400 milliseconds and needs 500 milliseconds to complete.

The average wait time. (Hint: average the number milliseconds each job was in a wait state)

Average turn-around-time. (Hint: for each job, count the number of milliseconds from arrival to completion and average)

Reference no: EM131299758

Difference as seen by host a between these two cases

Give an algorithmic description of what the TCP layer needs to do upon receiving a SYN packet. Consider the duplicate/new cases above, and the possibility that nothing is li

Find the minimum and maxium values of the string data

You should read a list of strings from a data file (using scanf), and find the minimum and maxium values of the string data. The input file format will start with a single i

Write a java program which reads a text file

1. Write a Java program which reads a text file called mydata.txt containing the following numbers: 34 56 76 98 12 33 58 42 98 93 and computes the minimum, maximum sum and a

Stroke volume of the left ventricle

Assuming that for one beat, the stroke volume of the left ventricle is greater than that of the right ventricle. Explain why in a normal heart this would be corrected on the

Continuously improve the bc process

Discuss the two System/network threats: Worms, Port Scanning, and Denial of Service. Suggest countermeasures to these threats. Describe the methods used to continuously improv

Campbell uses technology to reach out to younger generation

Spagnoletti received his undergraduate degree in computer science and spent his entire career in bell's CIO in August 2008. Given his present responsibilities, do you think

Identify a firm with an it budgeting process

Identify a firm with an IT budgeting process you are familiar with. Using the material in the text and that from your external research, write a paper in which you re-engine

Difference between commitment and compliance

What does shifting the burden means? What are the short and long term consequences of it? What is the difference between commitment and compliance? Why does personal mastery p


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