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This journal contains the full report segmented in following heads:

1.      Von Willebrand Disease: An Overview

2.      Pavani and Prashanth: Von Willebrand Disease

3.      HISTORY


5.      Structure:

6.      Functions:




10.  Inherited forms:

11.  Acquired VWD


13.  Bleeding history

14.  Total blood count

15.  Platelet count and prothrombin time:

16.  Activated partial thromboplastin time

17.  VWD profile testing

18.  VWF:Ag (VWF antigen)

19.  VWF:RCo (ristocetin cofactor activity assay)

20.  FVIII:C (FVIII coagulant assay)

21.  ABO blood group

22.  VWF multimer analysis

23.  VWF:CBA (VWF collagen-binding assay)

24.  VWF:FVIIIB (VWF:FVIII binding assay)

25.  RIPA (ristocetin-induced platelet aggregation)

26.  Genetic tests


28.  Non-replacement therapy, DDAVP (1-desamino-8- D-arginine vasopressin)

29.  Replacement therapy

30.  Other therapies: antifibrinolytics

31.  Topical agents

32.  Conclusion

33.  Suggestions

34.  References

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