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The star indicates that the pair of fields may be repeated 0 or more times.

j:<index>:<name>:<creature index>:<time>[:<required artifact type>:<number>]*

The project will be graded according the criteria for the final project - see below.


  1. Reading Job specifications from a data file and adding the required resources to each Job instance.
    • j:<index>:<name>:<creature index>:<time>[:<required artifact type>:<number>]*
  2. Resource pools - data structures supporting artifacts of a given type within each party, resource pools, along with supporting assignment to creatures
  3. Job threads - using the resource pools and supporting the concept of blocking until required resources are available before proceeding.
  4. The Job threads should be efficient:
    1. If both the Creature of that Job and all the required resources are available, the Job should start.
    2. Otherwise, the Job should not hold any resources if it cannot progress.
    3. Use synchronization to avoid race conditions.
    4. Each Job thread should hold any required synchronization locks for a very short period.
  5. GUI showing:
    • Resources in pools
    • Thread progress, resources acquired, and resources requests still outstanding

Reference no: EM131111524

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