Is bractyldactly a sex linked or autosomal disease

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Is bractyldactly a sex linked or autosomal disease?

a) A woman who is colour blind and has bractyldactly marries aman who is not colourblind and does not have bractyldactly. If thecharacteristic bractyldactly is dominant to the recessive conditionand you know thta the woman's mother did not have this characteristic, determine the phenotypes and genotypes of allindividuals concerned.

b) What chance do these parents have in giving birth to acolourblind, bractyldactly

Reference no: EM13530088

Characteristics of the ideal tissue forming the outer

1. Compare and contrast the characteristics of the ideal tissue forming the outer surface of the body with that forming the lining of the small intestine. How are they simil

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The rule of thumb concerning ecosystems as units that capture energy and transport it is as follows: For every jump in trophic level, the amount of available energy drops by

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Your second case at your new job is to counsel another couple who have a son with cystic fibrosis.  Cystic fibrosis is a recessive disease that affects has a high incidence

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The U.S. government decides to impose punitive 100% ad valorem tariffs on imports of computers from Thailand to punish the country for administrative trade barriers tat rest

Management chain intervened

In multiple cases, more than one person was involved (HR, assistant manager, manager, district, or area manager). Discuss why no one in the management chain intervened. Supp

The enzyme papain is a thiol protease

The enzyme papain is a thiol protease, using a mechanism similar to the mechanism used by chymotrypsin, except that there is an active site Cys in papain carrying out the ca

Diversity of organisms in the water bay or inlet

Just a quick answer. What is the biosphere in a bay or water inlet that is contaminated by waste or trash? Name 2 biotic and abiotic environmental components involved in thi

We have identified five estimating methods

We have identified five estimating methods: the Analogy Method, the Bottom-up Method, the Top-down Method, the Expert judgment Method, and the Parametric or Algorithmic Method


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