Investigate the extent to which the chosen technique

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"Employment Practices" Please respond to the following:

Using the first e-Activity, provide an example of two (2) of the following techniques or methods that you or someone that you know has endured or witnessed: unfair recruitment, employment application, and interview process. Investigate the extent to which the chosen technique or method left room for prohibited employment practices. Next, recommend key corrective actions that an organization could take in order to mitigate prohibited employment practices.

Using the second e-Activity, select two (2) employment opportunities with which you are currently familiaGo to the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and review the section titled, "Prohibited Employment Policies / Practices", located at Be prepared to discuss.

Go to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse Website, and read the article titled "Facts Sheet 16: Employment Background Checks: A Job Seeker's Guide", located at

Next, review the document titled "State Laws and Their Impact on Use of Criminal Records for Employment", located in the online course shell. Be prepared to discuss.r, and classify two (2) types of background checks that would be acceptable. Justify your responses.

Reference no: EM131360945

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