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Although autonomous access points are functional for a home or a small office/home office setting in which there may be one or two APs, what happens in a large enterprise or college campus where there can be hundreds of APs? Because each AP is autonomous, a single wireless network configuration change would require that each AP be reconfigured individually, which can take an extended period of time and manpower to complete. A solution is to replace autonoumous access points with lightweight access points, also called thin access points. A lightweight access point does not contain the management and configuration functions that are found in autonomous access points; instead, these features are contained in a central device known as an enterprise WLAN controller or wireless switch.

Use the Internet to research thin access points. What are their advantages? What are their disadvantages? Are there any security advantages to thin access points? Write a 400 word essay in a Word document or Rich Text Format file. Include citations and a reference page.

Reference no: EM131257702

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