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The reflection is an analysis of what you have learned and how you can integrate the learning of the organizational behavior concepts now and in the future. Think of the “ah-ha” moments in your readings and our discussions. 

The reflection assignment should be 500-600 words reflecting on what you have learned in this course, determine the implications (the so what or why did this material matter) for you as a present or future manager. Also, I would value the feedback on how the course might be improved. 

The reflective assignment should be organized with the following headings: 

New or Valuable Reminder of Organizational Behavior Learning 

Application of Organizational Behavior to Your Work Experiences 

Implications for You as a Present or Future Manager 

Please provide organization and grammatical structure to the assignment. If you use any in-text citations, please provide a reference. 

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Reference no: EM13738216

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