Initialize cell arrays with 5 names,

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Initilanize cell arrays with 5 names, 3 verbs, and 4 nouns of you choice. Print 10 sentences using one random element from each cell array. (e.g. 'Xavier eats pie'). 

Reference no: EM13167072

Why should we consider a dbms to manage data

Answer the following questions with your own answers and thoughts. DO NOT USE THE INTERNET, GOOGLE, OR ANY OTHER WEB SOURCE. You may use your notes and book ONLY. Copy and p

Example of an internet worm

1. If you were a malware designer, would you rather use TCP or UDP to distribute a malicious payload and why? 2. Give an example of an Internet worm. What vulnerability does

Why it is necessary to choose appropriate data types

Why it is necessary to choose appropriate data types for each data column. How must a database designer balance the time to complete data modeling steps with the benefits th

Terms of the dns performance

1. What is the difference between recursive queries and iterative queries of DNS servers, in terms of the DNS performance (discuss this in terms of the number of messages ne

Determine how many fields there are in the udp header

1. Select one packet. From this packet, determine how many fields there are in the UDP header. (Donot look in the textbook! Answer these questions directly from what you obs

Newly released vulnerabilities on a daily basis

The world has to deal with newly released vulnerabilities on a daily basis.  These vulnerabilities eventually lead to active exploits of systems, and it is our job as

What is the probability that the chip is from the first bag

A bag contains 4 red chips and 4 blue chips. Another bag contains 2 red chips and 6 blue chips. A chip is randomly selected from one of the bags, and found to be blue. What

Which is an ssl server

Suppose that Bob is a client that connects to Alice, which is an SSL server. Assume Bob creates a message = EB (rec, H(rec, MB)) and sends it to Alice. How does Alice proces


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