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Give one reason why it is important for an information systems manager to be knowledgeable about telecommunications. Do not simply state something broad along the lines of "because telecommunication infrastructure is needed to meet business needs and protect information assets." If you do, provide a specific example of a business need and/or what information assets need to be protected, why, and how telecommunications can support the business need or provide protection. Or, you can choose a specific telecommunications topic (e.g., cybersecurity, data communication protocols and standards, networks, and trends in telecommunications) and explain why it is important to study this topic.

Aim for at least a short paragraph (i.e., three sentences) and no more than two paragraphs for your initial discussion post. Please try to avoid posting about a specific topic, if the topic has already been covered by another student. For example, I am trying to avoid the entire class posting about cybersecurity. Also, don't simply copy and paste or re-state what has been posted in the assigned readings. The discussion should be in your own words and reflect your understanding of why an information systems manager should be knowledgeable about telecommunications or a sub-topic of telecommunications. Feel free to do some research on your own in order to support your post or replies to student posts.

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