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Question 1. If you were to open a Bar and Grill that has an active bar and also "bar food," what types of regulations would you have to adhere to in order to operate? Include the business licenses, reporting, training, and operation requirements. Remember to cite your sources.

Question 2. Choose two of the following organizations and compare and contrast organizational structure, profits, career potential, and types of locations: 
Gate Gourmet International 
Sky Chefs 

Question 3. Using the terms, facts, and other information gathered about the gaming industry from your reading of Chapter 11, identify objectively whether gaming overall has a negative or positive impact. Justify your response.

Question 4. Define recreation and its importance to human wellness. Use examples from your own experience, if possible. Discuss the factors that affect an individual's decision to participate in recreational activities

Question 5. Complete the Leadership Style Survey at: Tabulate your score related to your leadership style and answer the following questions.  
a. What was your dominant leadership style according to this survey? 
b. Describe this leadership style and how it relates to how you function in your work, school, and/or home environments. 
c. How does this leadership survey address the basic leadership traits and management characteristics as outlined in your book? 

Question 6. Explain in detail why companies use policies, procedures, and rules.

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Reference no: EM13723620

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