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In a team, everyone involved faces challenges at one point or another. New Strategies for Developing Successful Collaboration outlines five challenges people are likely to face at various levels of an organization. As a team member or the team leader, you need to develop a plan to overcome these challenges.


  • The executive challenge: As an executive or a project manager, you will be responsible for making important decisions, such as setting project goals. As a leader who wants team play to be a way of life, how would you ensure collaboration among and participation of your team members during the process of goal settings?
  • The management challenge: Managers should act in a way that supports team members. Describe five key features of the support system you want to put in place for your team.
  • The learning and development challenge: Global teamwork is a reality, which cannot be ignored any longer. As a project manager who is working with a team that has people located around the world, how would you ensure that the team members share their expertise, lessons learned, and best practices?

Summary of problem:

The question is a scenario where, the challenges encountered by people in an organization are stated. These challenges are stated in relation with teams in an organization. At present, in most organizations, different departments are divided in teams for handling tasks. Teams have become indispensable and teamwork is considered to be the most significant criteria for an organization. This is discussed in detail in the solution.

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Reference no: EM13828918

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