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Write down a Java program which allows the user to enter the loan amount and loan period in number of years and show the monthly and total payments for each annual interest rate starting from 3.5% to 8% with an increment of 0.25%.

Reference no: EM1322988

Assess the security risks

As part of your project in order to assess the security risks in order to compute the infrastructure, you have discovered that other managers often have several ideas on the

Program to persons ability to vote

Write down a program which asks for the user's age. On the basis of their response print "You may vote" (18 years old or older) or "You can't vote"

Data storage problem in the database tables

You must select the data storage problem of your interest and recognize the different pieces of the data which must be stored within the database.

Benefit of web-based computing environment

Web-based applications like e-commerce and e-government exemplify the platform shift from the client/server computing to the Web-based computing so for this essay question.

Sql query to determine lowest, highest, average salary

Let's assume that we wanted to determine the lowest, highest, average and total number of the salaries by department in company. What SQL query would provide us this.

Program for calling the function

Suppose the availability of class named DataTransmitter which offers a static method, sendSignal which takes no arguments. Write down the code for calling this method.

Handling of disclosure of companys information

A company find out that some of its proprietary information has been unveiled within the Internet chat rooms.It asks ISPs to disclose actual identities of these people. Shoul

Estimating the performance of processor

Without any hardware support, context switch time is not zero. This states that the actual performance will not be as good as the ideal above.


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