Implementation for the r-type instructions add, or, and and

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figuring out how to add an implementation for the R-type instructions ADD, OR, and AND. This is a MIPS architecture.

// Incomplete behavioral model of MIPS pipeline


module mipspipe(clock);

// in_out

input clock;


// Instruction opcodes

parameter LW = 6'b100011, SW = 6'b101011, BEQ = 6'b000100, nop = 32'b00000_100000, ALUop = 6'b0;

reg [31:0] PC, // Program counter

Regs[0:31], // Register file

IMemory[0:1023], DMemory[0:1023], // Instruction and data memories


EXMEMALUOut, MEMWBValue, MEMWBIR; // pipeline latches


wire [4:0] IDEXrs, IDEXrt, EXMEMrd, MEMWBrd, MEMWBrt; // fields of pipeline latches

wire [5:0] EXMEMop, MEMWBop, IDEXop; // opcodes

wire [31:0] Ain, Bin; // ALU inputs


// Define fields of pipeline latches

assign IDEXrs = IDEXIR[25:21]; // rs field

assign IDEXrt = IDEXIR[20:16]; // rt field

assign EXMEMrd = EXMEMIR[15:11]; // rd field

assign MEMWBrd = MEMWBIR[15:11]; // rd field

assign MEMWBrt = MEMWBIR[20:16]; // rt field -- for loads

assign EXMEMop = EXMEMIR[31:26]; // opcode

assign MEMWBop = MEMWBIR[31:26]; // opcode

assign IDEXop = IDEXIR[31:26]; // opcode


// Inputs to the ALU come directly from the ID/EX pipeline latches

assign Ain = IDEXA;

assign Bin = IDEXB;

reg [5:0] i; //used to initialize registers

reg [10:0] j,k; //used to initialize registers


initial begin

PC = 0;

IFIDIR = nop;

IDEXIR = nop;

EXMEMIR = nop;

MEMWBIR = nop; // no-ops placed in pipeline latches

// test some instructions

for (i=0;i<=31;i=i+1) Regs[i] = i; // initialize registers

IMemory[0] = 32'h8c210003;

IMemory[1] = 32'hac020000;

IMemory[2] = 32'h00642820;

for (j=3;j<=1023;j=j+1) IMemory[j] = nop;

DMemory[0] = 32'h00000000;

DMemory[1] = 32'hffffffff;

for (k=2;k<=1023;k=k+1) DMemory[k] = 0;


always @ (posedge clock)


// FETCH: Fetch instruction & update PC

IFIDIR <= IMemory[PC>>2];

PC <= PC + 4;


// DECODE: Read registers

IDEXA <= Regs[IFIDIR[25:21]];

IDEXB <= Regs[IFIDIR[20:16]]; // get two registers


IDEXIR <= IFIDIR; // pass along IR


// EX: Address calculation or ALU operation

if ((IDEXop==LW) |(IDEXop==SW)) // address calculation

EXMEMALUOut <= IDEXA +{{16{IDEXIR[15]}}, IDEXIR[15:0]};

else if (IDEXop==ALUop) begin // ALU operation

case (IDEXIR[5:0]) // R-type instruction

  48: EXMEMALUOut <= Ain + Bin; // add operation

default: ; // other R-type operations [to be implemented]




EXMEMIR <= IDEXIR; EXMEMB <= IDEXB; //pass along the IR & B

// MEM

if (EXMEMop==ALUop) MEMWBValue <= EXMEMALUOut; //pass along ALU result

else if (EXMEMop == LW) MEMWBValue <= DMemory[EXMEMALUOut>>2]; // load

else if (EXMEMop == SW) DMemory[EXMEMALUOut>>2] <=EXMEMB; // store

MEMWBIR <= EXMEMIR; //pass along IR

// WB

if ((MEMWBop==ALUop) & (MEMWBrd != 0)) // update registers if ALU operation and destination not 0

Regs[MEMWBrd] <= MEMWBValue; // ALU operation

else if ((MEMWBop == LW)& (MEMWBrt != 0)) // Update registers if load and destination not 0

Regs[MEMWBrt] <= MEMWBValue;




Reference no: EM13163854

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