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Creating a simple budget application with Visual Studio, using VB. Must implement programming techniques, inside document, and basic database with SQL or MySQL (open to other dbms). Need assistance completing program. I have the GUI established and having trouble getting everything implemented. Attached is the document explaining the functionality and work so far.

Reference no: EM131386811

Write a function named time() that has an integer parameter

The function is to convert the passed number of seconds into an equivalent number of hours, minutes, and seconds. Using the reference parameters, the function should alter t

Sustainable and effective use of health care information

Once an information system is implemented, it is important that an organization's leadership demonstrate a continued commitment to that system through rigorous and routine s

Fundamental text retrieval tasks using hash-based indexing

In this paper three fundamental text retrieval tasks where hash-based indexing. Which task is more appropriate for a text based search retrieval? Provide reasons to support

Describe how the deadlocks can be resolved

give at least two real life examples ( not related to a computer system invironment) of each of these concepts:deadlock, starvation, and race. describe how the deadlocks can

Determine the minimum pipe diameter

Water is to be supplied to the Pelton wheel of a hydroelectric power plant by a pipe of uniform diameter, 400 m long, from a reservoir whose surface is 200 m vertically abov

Faith and technology impacted the third world

Based on the article that you found, how has faith and technology impacted the third world? Please cite the website that you found in the threaded discussion in correct APA fo

Explain the major concepts behind computers

Address the following below in at least 20 slides powerpoint or more, you must include as a minimum an introduction, body, summary/conclusion, and notes pages. It is impo

Several vacant rooms available

You work with an online bidding website (like Priceline) and receive a bid of $70 for a single night in the following week. You currently have several vacant rooms availabl


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