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Take one of the items in the following list and describe what it means. State why it is important. Describe how you would implement it in your GUI and describe what someone might do if he or she was ignoring the concept that you are discussing. The concepts are:

  • consistency
  • alignment
  • clutter
  • use or misuse of color
  • missing target audience

Reference no: EM131089715

Relationship between a digital signal period

What is the 12-bit BCD binary code for 54610? Describe the difference in analog and digital signals, and explain which is used in current computer architectures. Explain the r

Cloud-based hosting platform

In response to the complaints from Company A, Company B is considering using a cloud-based hosting platform. Which specific characteristics of a cloud will be helpful to add

Mobile devices and self-service e-commerce

Imagine that you have been hired by the startup e-Commerce company Sports R US to provide a convenient self-service solution for customers accessing sports products.

Play the role of an employee

For this assignment, you will play the role of an employee who's been asked to present a convincing argument on why the company should move from a conventional client based

Introduction to networking course

You have just completed 10 weeks of an introduction to networking course. Imagine you have been asked to create a one-day training course that highlights the important eleme

Implement the fix num () function

It takes a number as a salary value and determines whether to multiply it by 1000 to put it on the proper scale. This is used to adjust salaries that are reported as, e.g.,

C program to find three numbers that have this special

Add the first two digits to the last two digits. Now, square the sum. Surprise, you've got the original number again. Of course, not all four-digit numbers have this propert

Trapezoids altitude measures

A trapezoidal prism has a height of 6 km. The parallel sides of the base have lengths 5 km and 3 km. The other sides of the base are each 2 km. The trapezoids altitude measu


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