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Widgets and Gadgets (WaG) have recently acquired a business, We Make Stuff (WMS), in another city. Before work can commence on integrating WMS's network into WaG's, WMS actually need to have a network. WMS consists of four close buildings, each with multiple floors. Each floor is dedicated to a business function as defined in the following network design topology.



Task Details

You have been given the final design approved by the tender process and hired to implement that design. In this submission you should take the design given and implement it in Packet Tracer. → Where there is ambiguity, you are encouraged to use your best judgement. ← The design includes several VLANs, a Routing Layer 3 switch and 2 routers to external networks. There is a Wireless VLAN that all wireless access points and the VPN server connect to.

NOTE on using your best judgement:

There ARE ERRORS in this physical topology! Correcting these errors in some fashion demonstrates that you
- understand the concepts in enough detail to see the error and
- know what options exist in correcting these errors.

NOTE on needing to do research:

You WILL need to do some additional research to complete this assignment! Part of University assessments is about encouraging you to research topics. In other units you may be given a topic to research and then write a report or academic paper on the subject. In this unit you are still required to do some research (into Layer 3 switches) but you will instead be required to APPLY the result of that research directly.

Remember, this is an implementation. Transferring logical concepts into practical application needs to be displayed, physical implementation of logical processes such as subnetting are important. You have been given the Network range of to work with.

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    Routing / DHCP 0 1-2 3-4 Routes and DHCP successfully configured. 5 Neither of these components has been successfully configured Either routes or DHCP successfully configured or both are partially configured. DHCP successfully configured and a Routing Protocol (such as RIP or OSPF) implemented Secret Department 0 1 2 Router fully and correctly configured. The secret department has not been configured. Router partially configured. Ie: Interfaces and / or routes partially configured. General comments

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    VLANs / VSIs / VTP 0 1-2 3-4 5-6 None of these components have been successfully configured One of these has been fully configured or two of these have been partially configured. Two of these has been fully configured or three of these have been partially configured. All three services have been mostly or fully configured. Subnetting 0 Subnetting has not been done or is incorrect. 1-3 4-6 7-8 Subnets are correct but are simplistic. Eg: all subnets are of the same size. Subnets are correct and of different sizes but there is room for improvement or some error. Subnets are within range, big enough for their VLAN, of different sizes and allow for expansion.

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    Concept Absent Basic Proficient Excellent Topology 0 1-2 3 4 Absent or a significant number of oversights such as a good portion of the topology missing. Devices generally present but: • Some devices are absent • Some devices are added or incorrect • Physical layer is not configured Mostly correct but there is a minor mistake such as the physical layer configured incorrectly All devices present, appropriate substitution of devices and physical layer correctly configured.

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    CSG5130 Assignment 2 Marks Allocation Topology Implemented Correctly 4 VLANs / VSIs / VTP correctly implemented 6 Subnetting done appropriately 8 Routing works correctly / DHCP Configured 5 Secret Department handled appropriately 2

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    Marks Worth 25% of the total marks of the unit Due Date Week 11 (exact date listed on Blackboard) Submission Instructions Submit the Packet Tracer file only through Blackboard. Include an MD5 hash in the comments section; this is for your benefit if there are problems with Blackboard. All submissions must be viewable in the latest version of Packet Tracer. If you need to test this, you can get a copy of Packet Tracer If I cannot open your assignment in the latest version of Packet Tracer then you shall receive 0! The marking allocation for this assignment is at the end of this document. If any point is unclear send an e-mail, ask your lecturer on discord, phone or make an appointment well before the assignment is due with your lecturer

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