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1. In Row 1, and in the column to the immediate right of NumCars label, add the following labels in the following order: Expenses, Profit, Profit per car (three labels, each in one column). The Excel table should be extended three columns to the right after adding these three colums

2. .... 1. In Row 1, two columns to the right of the profit per car label, add the label: Hybrid Expense per car.

...... 2. In Row 2, in the same column as Hybrid Expenses, add the label Non-Hybrid Expense per Car


3. In the next totally visible cell (no content bleed over the label) in Row 1 add 100 for Hybrid Expense per Car in Row 1 and in Row 2 add 50 for Non-Hybrid Expense per Car. The absolute cell addresses of these two numeric values will be used to calculate Expenses in the Excel table for each row.

Reference no: EM132200956

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