Identifying and removing malware from windows systems

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1. What is the one thing that a virus, a worm, spyware, and malicious code have in common? What are the differences among these three threats: a virus, a worm, and spyware?

2. How often should you update your antivirus protection?

3. Why is it a best practice to have and to carry an antivirus boot-up disk or CD?

4. Is the manual quick scan good enough protection for a system?

5. What best practices for the workstation domain that can mitigate the risks and threats caused by malicious code?

6. If you have an up-to-date antivirus program, do you still need a malware detection program like Windows Defender?

7. What are some of the most common symptoms of malware?

8. What risk or threat do malware.

Reference no: EM132608734

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