Identify the project and provide the overall goal of project

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Single projects, with one objective, have become increasingly important in our social and economic environment. Projects help us to maintain a competitive edge and to deal more efficiently with threats and certainly with opportunities that present themselves in a global and rapidly changing world. With that said, many projects fail. Why is this so? If we are to prevent project failure, then we must analyze the characteristics of given projects and determine their success factors.

Pick any project or program discussed recently - within the last year - in the media. This project might come from any number of industries - finance, government, manufacturing, health, insurance, technology, retail, military, etc. Cite your source(s) in APA format.

Identify the project and provide the overall goal of the project.

Highlight issues that are common to both Chapter 1 of your text and the project as presented in the media.

Identify the stakeholders. Describe what you believe to be the stakeholder management in this project.

In your opinion, did stakeholder management succeed or fail? Support your opinion.

In your opinion, how did the corporate or organizational culture impact this project?

In your opinion, what leadership competencies are evident in this project? If this is not the case, explain why.

Assume you are the project manager for this particular project. How would you improve the project management processes? Would the outcome be different?

Reference no: EM131127358

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