Identify the main relationships between the entities

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Read the following case study that describes the data requirements for the Easy Drive School of Motoring. The Easy Drive School of Motoring has many well-qualified instructors who have an unbeatable record of success in teaching people to drive. A new client must first attend an interview with an instructor to discuss an appropriate plan of learning. During this interview the client provides personal details, including his or her provisional driving license number. Each client is uniquely identified using a client number. A client may request individual lessons or book a block of five, ten, or twenty lessons The more lessons a client books in advance, the less they are charge per hour for a lesson. An individual driving lesson is for one hour, which begins and ends at the Easy Drive School of Motoring office. A lesson is with a particular instructor in a particular car at a given time. Lessons can start as early as 8am or as late as 8pm. After each lesson, the instructor records the progress made by the client and notes the mileage used during the lesson. The school has a pool of cars, which are adapted for the purposes of teaching. Each instructor has the sole use of a particular car. Once ready, a client applies to take a theoretical and then a practical driving test. If a client fails to pass, the instructor must record the reasons for the failure. Only the results of the latest attempt to pass the theoretical and practical test are recorded.

(a) Identify the main entities of the Easy Drive School of Motoring.

(b) Identify the main relationships between the entities.

(c) Determine the multiplicity constraints for each relationship.

(d) Identify attributes and associate them with an entity or relationship.

(e) Determine candidate and primary key attributes for each entity.

(f) Using your answers (a) to (e), represent the data requirements of the Easy Drive School of Motoring as an ER model. State any assumptions necessary to support your design.

Reference no: EM131214110

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