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Problem 1. Jobe Smith has decided to build his manufacturing business (lawn mowers in the U.S.) around the production concept. If this approach is taken, what will be Mr. Smith’s primary areas of concentration as he builds his business? What issues might Mr. Smith face in deciding to go with this concept as he builds his business? 

Problem 2. Abraham Maslow sought to explain why people are driven by particular needs at particular times. How does Maslow’s theory help marketers? How might you use Maslow’s hierarchy of needs in marketing cell phones in the U.S. versus Haiti (before the earthquake)? Please develop a marketing research project to gather the data. 

Problem 3. A clock and watch manufacturer realizes that she is operating in the market for machines that measure time. How should this market be segmented? Identify the key segmentation variables that are relevant for this market.

Write your response in 1000 words count. Answer each questions saparately. 

Reference no: EM13736517

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