Identify scanning-enumeration tools about attack framework

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Research and recommend at least 2 scanning and enumeration tools that your organization could use. Perform a scan against your home/personal machine or network, and supply the following information about your organization:

  • A description about the tool used to perform the scan
  • A list of identified target host(s) in your lab environment
  • What running services are detected on each (include version numbers if possible)
  • What the detected operating system of the servers is

Describe or list any information that you found odd or that you think the tool reported incorrectly.

Add a discussion about the attack framework and the identified system(s) information to your report.

Additional Information:

This question is from Computer Science and it explains about recommending at least two scanning and enumeration tools that your organization could use. The description regarding the tool used for the scan, the list of identified target host, the detected operating system on the servers, etc have to be noted and stated.

Total Word Limit: 421 Words

Reference no: EM13829526

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