Identify how to change system settings

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For this project complete the following using screenshots, images or diagram of sample products, processes, etc. to illustrate and descriptive texts to address the items below (you may also consult as a source) This is not a research paper; however provide your source(s):

1. Identify at least 3 types of computers, how they process information, and the purpose and function of key hardware components.
2. Identify how to maintain computer equipment and solve common problems relating to computer hardware.
3. Explain how software and hardware work together to perform computing tasks and how software is developed and upgraded.
4. Identify at least three different types of application software and general description relating to application software categories.
5. Using an operating system, identify what an operating system is and how it works, and solve common problems related to operating systems.
6. Illustrate the process of using an operating system to manipulate a computer's desktop, files and disks.
7. Identify how to change system settings, install and remove software.

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Reference no: EM13271337

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