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In this final assignment, you will design a total rewards program for UBER.

Before creating the final projected total rewards program, you will have conducted a research project in which you have obtained thorough and detailed information about organizational goals, objectives, and challenges. In addition, you will have obtained information about the current monetary and non-monetary rewards and work environment of the organization and the challenges or changes (such as expansions, downsizing, changes of services or products) the organization anticipates. You will have also designed metrics to evaluate the total rewards program.

In the final paper, you will provide the research findings in a report of at least 10 pages plus a title page and a reference page. Provide at least eight sources (in APA format) in a reference list and respective in-text citations.Pleasebe sure to use topic headings and include the following:

1. Provide a Title Page in Academic Format

2. Give the Introduction and Purpose for the Paper

3. Summarize and describe the organization, including its capabilities, key goals, objectives, challenges, values, and core competencies required for success.

4. Demonstrate your knowledge of the total rewards model by describing the current total rewards philosophy of the organization and its three categories of offerings.

5. Identify and describe the segmentation of the workforce (drawing up our study of how to differentiate employee groups depending on their drivers, such as flexible schedules, growth potential, desire for demonstrating individual expertise or team success, low obligation and easy income, or high obligation and high income).

6. Describe further the current requisite capabilities of the organization and the competencies (knowledge, skills, and abilities) of the employees and, in your opinion, an analysis of whether the current needs will change given the issues faced by the organization.

7. Recommend changes to the total rewards program, along with specific plans, including plans for communicating the changes and metrics that should be used by the organization to evaluate the success of the new program.

8. Present the justification for your recommendations.

9. Assess and discuss the risks of not implementing the program and the opportunities the program will give the organization.

10. Provide your metrics for evaluating the total rewards program and share why you chose the ones you did.

11. Present a general explanation for the timeline for implementation in the paper and submit the timeline as a separate assignment. You should refer to the implementation task list and timeline in the paper and share that it has been submitted as a separate assignment.

12. Describe your conclusions and a summary of knowledge gained about total rewards through the activity.

13. Reference Page (with at least eight scholarly sources)

To supplement the final paper, you will develop an action plan for implementing the recommendations for the total rewards program. You are encouraged to use a Gantt chart or Pert or similar graphic to display a timeline and the interdependence or sequence of the activities.

Be sure to include how you will collect the data for each metric and how you will set the targeted goal for each metric.

A good action plan contains

• specific and quantifiable steps
• the order in which those steps are to be taken
• the individuals responsible for each step
• the individuals responsible for overall segments as applicable
• the required resources for each step; and
• the funding sources as applicable

The timeline adds to the presentation/paper and aids in the identification of success measures and issues/problems encountered and overcome.

Reference no: EM131246707

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