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Begin Assembly of Human Resources Report to the Board of Directors

Assemble the reports generated in Units 1-4 into a new, comprehensive report. This step should include aggregation of the following sections:

Title Page

Executive Summary [Placeholder: this is completed in Step 3]

Table of Contents [Placeholder: this is completed in Step 4]

Section 1: Current Human Resources Environment
Section 2: Company's Human Resources Posture
Section 3: Comparator Group Human Resources Posture
Section 4: Company's Human Resources Competitive Position
Section 5: Recommendations and Expected Impact [Placeholder: this is completed in Step 2]

References [Placeholder: this is completed in Step 4]

Appendices [Placeholder: this is completed in Step 4]

Step 2: Recommendations and Expected Impact

Based on the work completed in Units 1-4, develop at least 1 recommendation in each of the areas listed below that are designed to improve the company's competitive human resources position. Be sure to include a detailed description of the recommendation, an overview of how the recommendation would be implemented, and a discussion of the expected impact of each recommendation.

Benefits and Compensation
Employee Relations
Talent Management

Step 3: Executive Summary

Develop an overview (2-3 pages) presenting key points from all five sections of the report. Executive summaries are always included in reports to the board of directors as a courtesy, to allow them to quickly assess the overall report and facilitate discussion. The executive summary should be concise, factual, and professional in tone.

Step 4: Finalize Assembly of the Human Resources Report to the Board of Directors

Finalize assembly of the report, inserting the Executive Summary, Table of Contents, and the Section 5 Recommendations. Make sure the References listing is aggregated from all prior work. The final References listing should be alpha order, with citations in APA format. The Appendices should be ordered to correspond with the final report.

Reference no: EM13908991

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