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Question: Consider this Scenario:

Sarah is a manager at a local restaurant that has recently been purchased by new owners.

The new owners have worked extensively with Sarah in illustrating their concept and how they want customers to be treated, and Sarah has shared this same messaging with the waitstaff, but they do not seem to be getting the message as she intended it.

Some are giving customers lackluster service, while others are giving good service but spending too much time with each table and neglecting other customers.

The owners are getting frustrated with Sarah for her seeming lack of ability to change the behavior of the servers, customers are getting frustrated with the inconsistent service, and the waitstaff is complaining about lower-than-average tips.

Sarah has been given a final chance to turn the behavior of the wait staff around and has scheduled a full-day workshop for them that she will deliver.

Question to be answered:

After reviewing the Communication Module, and the results of your communication and problem-solving assessments, describe how you would design and construct the workshop for the wait staff.

Reference no: EM132234570

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