How would you communicate the design of method to developer

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How would you communicate the design of method to a developer that must implement a complex algorithm and ensure that they implement correctly when provided good inputs as well as handle bad input and no input scenarios?

Reference no: EM13308255

Methods for program compilation and execution

Write a two-page report that compares static, dynamic, and interpretive methods for program compilation and execution. Your report should discuss the advantages and disadvan

Importance of overall business advertising and government

Analyze the importance of overall business advertising and government regulation (local, state, and federal) as tools for generating new concepts. Provide an example of how

Explaining statement for security policy

Write a statement for security policy for the following:Let LAN for small 100-person business, Pixel Inc. Business occupies one floor in office building. Everybody has a co

Find the minimum mips instruction to perform

1)    Find the minimum MIPS instruction to perform the following C statements. Use any registers for variables. Assume that the base register for array Y is in $s0.

Globally-oriented and diverse business environment

Topic 1 -- Communicating in Today's Globally-Oriented and Diverse Business Environment Create a Web page of Germany for international information for workers and managers who

Predict the microsoft office component that you believe

Predict the Microsoft Office component and / or feature that you believe will be the least difficult for you to learn and explain why. Predict the Microsoft Office componen

Determine last element of a list using prolog

Using Prolog as programming language for LOGIC, create relevant command to do following tasks:-Determine the last element of a list. Find K'th element of list. (K=5)

Return array contains the exact same numbers as given array

Return an array that contains the exact same numbers as the given array, but rearranged so that all the even numbers come before all the odd numbers. Other than that, the nu


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