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Now that you understand basic search techniques and the differences between personal and scholarly research, it's time to try out what you've learned.

For this assignment, select a topic that you might want to use for a term paper. (If you are writing a term paper for another class, feel free to use that topic.)

Using your favorite search engine, search for information on this topic. If you don't have a favorite, Google is a good choice.
Select one of the results and take some notes on the content.

Take and save a screen shot of the results of this search and paste it into a Word document. The screen shot should show the search screen. For assistance on taking screen shots, click here (However, if you know how to use the Snippet tool, you can do that instead of using the Print Screen (prtscn) button but be sure to catch the top so the search shows.)

Below the screen shot, type in the title of your selection.

Below the title, in one or two paragraphs, describe the information that you found. (Save your notes; you will need them for the next assignment)

Check spelling and grammar and save the file

Pretend that you are a travel consultant for The International Travel Company located in Denver, Colorado. You will be creating documents pertaining to a travel package to be presented in March or October. Decide on a travel destination. It should be city but can be anywhere in the world. The more exotic, the better! Once you have selected your destination, use the internet, electronic databases, and/or print resources, to gather the information listed below:

Average temperatures for the months of March and October.

A hotel with a short description (include pictures).

Two tourist spots or points of interest for a vacationer and short descriptions of each.

A restaurant for fine dining and a short description of the menu items.

An "exciting fact" about your destination.

Once you have completed your research for the travel project, select the search that you found most informative (WWW or scholarly search) and take a screen shot of those search results. Paste that screen shot into a Word document.

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