How to overcome the risk for the industry and the business
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As an owner of a visible U.S. business that is valued in the community, you are making a final decision regarding the international aspects of a business decision, and you decide to set up a table with various risks.

The following are detailed instructions for completing the table:

Choose an industry with which you are familiar or have an interest.

For each risk type listed in the table below, indicate with an X in the appropriate column whether the risk will affect them as an importer, as an exporter, or both (In that case, put an X in both columns.).

Also, classify each risk as large (L), medium (M), or small (S)

Using these factors, provide a brief answer on how to overcome the risk for the industry and the business.

Include at least 4 professional references, and follow APA formatting.





How to Overcome It

Economic conditions

Fluctuations in industry


Technological change

Change in preferences

Costs and expenses



Interest rates

Government monetary policy

Government fiscal policy

Internal and external wars

Difference in culture and religion

Ownership of factories and property

Human resource restrictions

Intellectual property


Red tape and corruption

Blockage of funds or capital accounts

Change in government


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Like alternate divisions, the FMCG part is additionally subject to differed business dangers like (Fabio Musso (Department of Economics, 2013):
• Intense rivalry,
• Unpredictable storms,
• Rapid movement in purchaser choice and inclinations
• Non stability in product costs.
Using these factors, provide a brief answer on how to overcome the risk for the industry and the business.

The risks to FMCG Company exude from different sources and impact diverse parts of the industries. Identification of the risks requires thorough information of the points, goals and operations of the association. One must likewise have a thought regarding the business environment be it political, legitimate, social and social or economic situations that it works in. After acknowledgment and investigation of the concerned dangers their effect and probability are resolved (Gulati, 2015)

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