How to merge it with a path tracer instead

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(a) We merged the photon map with a ray tracer. Can you think of how to merge it with a path tracer instead?

(b) The photon mapper stops pushing around photons after some maximum depth; that introduces a bias. How? For a photon map that allows only n bounces, construct a scene where the resultant radiance estimate is drastically wrong, no matter how many photons you send into the scene.

(c) Can you take the idea from the path tracer-"just continue tracing until things stop"-and use it in the propagation of photons? Will it solve the problem with the scene you constructed in part (b)?

Reference no: EM131353335

Our model assumes that the arrival distribution of customers

In the McBurgers simulation, our model assumes that the arrival distribution of customers is the same throughout the entire day. Do you think this is a realistic assumption?

Provide the sql statement below

Create a new query to display all authors with last name of "Smith" and all books by this author. Show author id, author first name, author last name, title id, and title. G

Copy and paste the code

Copy and paste the code below in a filename LastFirst_lab43.cpp (e.g. DoeJoe_lab43.cpp) and save it in Lab 4 folder. Bring in the LastFirst_lab43.cpp program from the Lab 3 f

Calculate the branch prediction accuracy of various

As a computer architect it is your job to calculate the branch prediction accuracy of various schemes to evaluate which is the best branch predictor i.e the one with the highe

Rbocs in mfj to retain control of yellow pages

One way to provide additional revenues for the RBOCs in the MFJ was to retain control of the Yellow Pages.

Advertised windows change during course of connection

Estimate the rate at which information is transferred by examining the frame times and the TCP sequence numbers. Do the advertised windows change during the course of the co

Name of the processor-manufacturer-model

Review three processors of your choice. Please answer the following questions In the order listed. a. Name of the processor, manufacturer, model/series number and related.

What is the maximum pressure drop allowed

Water flows through a horizontal 1-mm-diameter tube to which are attached two pressure taps a distance 1 m apart. What is the maximum pressure drop allowed if the flow is to


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