How the brittleness would impact fracturing treatment

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1. Read literature about general geology information for the Tyler formation, including resource assessment, depositional environment, diagenesis history, etc. Also read literature about rock mechanics properties, understanding what brittle rock is, and what ductile rock is, and how the brittleness would impact fracturing treatment of tight reservoirs;

2. Keep in mind that our purpose for this project is to identify sweet spots in the Tyler formation. So in this step, you need to search information to see the opinion of other researchers, companies, geologists. Check to see how they profile the potential of the formation, what the challenges they are considering, and where are the prior depth and regions the oil companies would pick up for the Tyler formation;

3. By this step, you will have a better idea where the sweet spots are, or where do you consider to be the sweet spots. Then you will narrow down the areas you are investigating. Find detailed information for these spots, such well reports, well logs, laboratory reports, production curves, etc.

4. With the information collected from Step 1 to Step 3, identify if the rocks in the formation are brittle or ductile. Or where the rock indicates brittle characteristic and where it shows ductile features. And explain why.

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Reference no: EM13674801

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