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Write the procedure conduct OC and SC test of an alternator to find synchronous impedence

Reference no: EM13674798


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  Dedign dc power supply that provides a nominal dc voltage

design and isolate your circuit by use of transformer at the input, Select suitable and standard diodes in your design , Inyour design assume a 1V peak ripple across the filleting capacitor.After the completion of your design, simulate your circui..

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determine the sum of the incremental cash flows for Alternative B-Alternative A First cost $: A=-50,000 B=-85,000 Annual operating cost/year: A=-8,600 B=-2,000 annual revenue/year: A=22,000 B=45,000 salvage value: A=3,000 B=8,000

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A silicon abrupt junction, approximated by a step junction, has a doping of NA= 5 x1015/cm3 and ND= 1015/cm3 and a cross-sectional area (A) of 10-4cm2. Assume the depletion approximation, VA=0, and ni=1010/cm3 to: a. Calculate Vbi.

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Find the spacing between conductors of three phase transmission line with conductors of diameter 2.5 cm to avoid corona which will take place if the linevoltage exceeds 150kV (rms).

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Case study of incident where arc flash is an hazard cause problems, damage in NON oil gas industry what is learnt from the incident,

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create a 512-length signal by using the rand command, then low-pass filter the signal with the filter h=1/2[1 1] to bandlimit the function, which can be represented with by the command filter.m with b1=b2=1/2, and a1=1

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Discuss what is meant by line spectra and what information can be gathered from a line spectrum plot. Discuss the similarities and differences between the Fourier Transform and the Laplace Transform.

  For what value of load resistance is gain reduced by factor

An active-loaded NMOS differential amplifier operates with a bias current I of 100 microamperes. The NMOS transistors are operated at Vov=0.2 V and the PMOS devices at |Vov|=0.3V. The Early voltages are 20 V for the NMOS

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Your circuit should consist of only the following elements: one 1 ohm resistor, one 2 ohm resistor, three 10 ohm resistors, three ideal constant voltage sources, and three ideal ammeters,

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A shunt dc motor has RA = 0.1-ohm and VT = 440 V. For an output power of 16.1 hp, nm = 1,213 rpm and IA = 103 A. The field current remains constant. Find the the rotational power loss in hp.

  Find resulting potential difference across each capacitor

A 110 pF capacitor and a 440 pF capacitor are both charged to 2.2 kV. They are then disconnected from the voltage source and are connected together, positive plate to positive plate and negative plate to negative plate.

  Determine the output voltage of an op-amp

Determine the output voltage of an op-amp for input voltages of Vi1=200uV at Vi2=140uV. The amplifier has a differential gain of Ad=6000 and the value of CMRR is A. 200 b. 10^5

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