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Consider a team project in which you participated, was there a WBS? If so, what was your experience? If not, share how the project could have been improved by using this approach. Do you think a project can be successfully managed without following the five project management processes? Utilize and cite at least one scholarly resource in your response.

Reference no: EM131179884

What types of products does the company make

A brief history of the company,What types of products does the company make?Who are the primary customers?Any specialized certifications the company has (ISO, etc)How does the

What are the pros and cons of having employees involved

Consider several employers in your area, such as a college, hospital, retail store, auto dealership, or governmental agency. What compensable factors do you feel each of the

Are these materials appropriate for their intended audiences

What qualities or characteristics of these materials make them effective or ineffective? Are these materials appropriate for their intended audiences? What changes, if any, wo

Company performance and reasons for investing

From an investor's view, review the last annual report for chosen company. Use financial analysis tools of liquidity, profitability, and solvency to evaluate the company's p

Explain how a member of hr triad could meet responsibilities

Explain how a member of the HR Triad could meet responsibilities of external environments. Is doing so more or less challenging than meeting the requirements of organization

Explain the scope of your house-building project

You are the project manager in charge of building a house in Ashburn, Virginia. The house is a five-bedroom home estimated to cost $1.2 million dollars and has to be complet

Brief summary of the composition of the group

Answer the following prompts as you reflect on your group analysis: Provide a brief summary of the composition of the group and the task assigned to the group. Identify a conf

What are some global issues in addressing performance

Which of the three approaches to HRD outlook can create the most optimal conditions to motivate employees within a diverse global organization to perform better?What are som


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