How much time on social media is reasonable at work

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How much time on social media is reasonable at work before it becomes time wasting or a theft of the employer's time? Does your answer depend on whether the employee has met his or her goals? Does it depend on how many hours he or she has worked?

Reference no: EM13222766

Examine potential technological challenges the company

Examine the extent to which the two (2) similar companies you researched have addressed the key issues you selected. Hypothesize two (2) potential positive outcomes for each

Strong interpersonal relationships important to businesses

Why are strong interpersonal relationships important to businesses? What are some obstacles to such relationships? Discuss these questions in relation to each type of relation

What is good theis statement

What is a good theis statement that led to the topic on The Retail Industry. Discuss how you arrived at that one sentence. What process of thought led to that sentence? Did yo

Compute the profit consequences of the change

Describe a decision that is centralized (or decentralized) in your company. How could you decentralize (or centralize) the decision? What would happen if it were decentralized

Decision making-choosing risk management options

Assume a firm called Kramerica owns a small airplane worth $550,000. You are the risk manager and have to determine how to manage the property damage risks related to this ass

Explain why the definitions section of a contract

Explain why the "definitions" section of a contract is important and why it should be carefully reviewed or drafted? Detail the repercussions that can result if the definiti

Reviewing an employee attendance report

A hospital administrator is reviewing an employee attendance report. It appears that 92% of the healthcare workers receive the influenza vaccination. Which problem is presente

Queuing analysis problem

Queuing analysis problem The Art's Center has an annual season preview where patrons are able to purchase tickets early. There are six ticketing booth stations. An average of


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