How many voice channels could be carried on a t-1 line

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Suppose that the same type of vocoder used in full-rate TDMA cellular radio were to be used for wireline telephony. How many voice channels could be carried on a T-1 line?

Reference no: EM131382816

Represent a data item in ieee 64-bit floating point

Why may a programmer choose to represent a data item in IEEE 64-bit floating point format instead of IEEE 32-bit floating point format? What additional costs may be incurred

Relationship between squared biases and variances

Assume we have sample of N pairs xi, yi drawn i.i.d. from distribution characterized as given: xi ∼ h(x), design density. Illustrate relationship between squared biases and va

Design ip scheme for network based on specific

Design an IP scheme for a network based on specific requirements; Assign IP addresses both manually and dynamically to network devices and hosts; Implement a single-area OSPF

Explain material protected under all copyright laws

All rights reserved. This material is protected under all copyright laws as they presently exist. No portion of this material may be reproduced, in any form or by any means,

What actual bit strings would a computer transmit

When one computer is transmitting a message to another, the information is usually encoded in ASCII. What actual bit strings would a computer transmit to send the message HE

Windows for listing help commands

Using Visual C++ and your OpenGL configured environment, write an application that provides 3 windows for listing help commands, object inventory and a map for a simple game

Write a java program that initializes an array

Need to write a java program that initializes an array with ten random integers and then prints: every element at an even index, every even element, all elements in reverse

How much power is contained in the sidebands

Suppose the transmitter in part (a) can also be used to transmit a USB signal with an average power level of 50 watts. By how much (in dB) will the signal-to-noise ratio be


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