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1. Write a program which populates an array with integer values read from a file. The program must take the items in the array and reverse them. You may use one array only to solve this problem. 2. Write a program that populates an array with 20 random integers between 1 - 100. The program must traverse through the array and determine how many times each integer was generated. Use a second array of size 101 to keep track of the number of times each integer was generated. Initialize each item in the second array to 0. For each item in the first array, use it as the index into the second array and increment the contents found in the second array at the corresponding index. Note: for this problem we are willing to trade memory efficiency (the second array is mostly unused) for time efficiency. We know indexing into an array is very efficient.

Reference no: EM13219856

Explain business scenario and specify types of constraints

Explain a business scenario and specify the types of constraints that would be appropriate to make sure the integrity of the database. For example, an airline reservation sy

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The exact number of household records has not yet been determined, but you know that Marengo has fewer than 300 households. Develop the logic for a program that allows a use

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Masters students in a small Economics graduate program are required to take 4 courses each term (fall and winter) during the academic year. There is both a fall and winter c

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What is the average case time complexity

Assume L is an array, length(L) returns the number of records in the array, and qsort(L, i, j) sorts the records of L from i to j (leaving the records sorted in L) using the

First ask for the number of questions in the test

Then asks for the correct answers for each question. Note that multiple choice tests and questions will have answers from A to D. Ask for the number of students and process ea

Atmega128 is being used to monitor humidity inside test cham

Atmega128 is being used to monitor humidity inside test chamber 03. The device uses two sensors to have some fault tolerance. They are connected to ADC channels 0 and 1. The p

Financial services needs of a customer

If you were to consider the financial services needs of a customer over his or her entire lifetime (after college), what specific information would you want to know about a


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