How many solutions are possible for this type of system

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Carrie has 150 meters of fencing material to make a pen for her bird dog. She wants to form a rectangular pen with an area of 800 square meters. What will be the dimensions of her pen?

a. Let x be the width of the field and y be its length. Write a system of equations that models this situation.

b. How many solutions are possible for this type of system?

c. Graph the system to estimate the dimensions of the pen.

d. Solve this system algebraically, rounding the dimensions to the nearest tenth of a meter

Reference no: EM131351247

Compute its poles and design cascade realization of system

Compare the poles obtained in parts (b) and (c) with those in part (a). Which realization is better? Sketch the frequency responses of the systems in parts (a), (b), and (c)

Write application to allow user to enter a list of integer

Control flow: two sum problem. Write an application to allow user to enter a list of integers, ends the input once the user enter 0. Then ask user to enter a target number, wh

State of six conditional flags after instructions executes

Forecast the state of six 8086 conditional flags after each of instructions which are given below executes. MOV AL,AH b. ADD BL,CL c. ADD CL,DH d. OR CX,BX

Generate a recursive sequence

Given below is a small haskell function used to generate a recursive sequence. I'm getting a type error while using floor function. floor function is expecting RealFrac, I sup

Becoming cluster master and successfully

HCHLock lock, what will happen if the time between becoming cluster master and successfully splicing the local queue into the global queue is too small? Suggest a remedy to

Rejection of the candles and stationery

The owners turned down candle makers and a specialty stationery company-both of which are compact-in order to stock the artwork and sculpture. The consequences in cash flow

Find the noise temperature of an antenna

Find the noise temperature of an antenna on a satellite if it looks at the earth (giving it a "sky" noise temperature of 290 K) and is coupled to the reference plane by a wa

How verbal and nonverbal communication affect communication

Write 1,750- to 2,100-word paper explaining how verbal and nonverbal communication can affect communication in given areas: Police situations (public announcement to the pres


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