How many mesh cells are necessary in the matrix

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Partial Differential Equation:

2u/x2 5(2u/y2) ey(u/ x) cos( x 2y)

is given on the rectangle <0,3>x<-3,3>, on it's boundary u=0.

a) Present a finite difference discretisation on the equidistant square mesh.

b) How many mesh cells (as minimum) are necessary so that the matrix is diagonally dominant,

c) Present the iterative algorithm (Gauss-Seidel) allowing to solve this system.

Reference no: EM13858424

Calculate the steady-state error due to a unit step input

Given the following block diagram with G(s)=1/(s^2+4s+1), derive the closed-loop transfer function (Y(s))/(R(s)). Calculate the steady-state error due to a unit step input.

What are the air and gas outlet temperatures

What are the air and gas outlet temperatures. After extended operation, deposits on the inner tube surfaces are expected to provide a fouling resistance of R'f = 0.004 m2 ·

Determine the total heat transfer rate

If the surface heat flux varies linearly with x, such that q"s (W/m2) = 500x (m), what are the values of q, Tm,o, Ts,i, and Ts.o? Sketch the axial variation of T, and Tm. On

Determine the vapor concentration and partial pressure

For the second object, at a location corresponding to the point of measurement on the first object, determine the vapor concentration and partial pressure. If the average he

What is the rate of energy emitted by the heater

An electrically powered, ring-shaped radiant heating element is maintained at a temperature of Th = 3000 K and is used in a manufacturing process to heat a small part having

Determine the power generation in watts per unit

The space between the two concentric cylinders is evacuated. Assuming diffuse, gray surfaces, determine the heat transfer rate per unit area of the outer cylinder. The elect

Dense distribution of integrated circuits

A circuit board with a dense distribution of integrated circuits (ICs) and dimensions of 120 mm by 120 mm on a side is cooled by the parallel flow of atmospheric air with a

What would be the dft frequency-domain sample spacing in hz

What would be the DFT frequency-domain sample spacing in Hz if the N-sample X(n) time sequence was padded with 4N zero-valued samples and we performed a DPT on that extended


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