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Case Analysis

Read the Chapter 3 Management in Action case study "UPS Actively Pursues Sustainability" on pp. 97-98(SEE ATTACHMENT)

Then analyze and answer each of the questions in the case study. It is not necessary for you to type the question itself, but you should number your answers to correspond to the question you are answering. Your assignment should be 3-4 pages long (excluding cover page, attachments, etc.), double-spaced, using 12-point font and 1-inch margins.

Keep in mind that, while there are no "absolutely correct" answers for these questions, this is not an opportunity for opinion alone. Grading will reflect your reasoning and critical thinking skills, your ability to integrate what you have assimilated from material presented in the textbook and other learning materials, the clarity of your response and its appearance.

Please remember that, if your paper integrates information from published sources and/or you build on the work of others, you must be careful not to plagiarize. You can find information about plagiarism at the website; a link to this website has been provided under the "Resources" tab in the main menu of the course.


1. How does UPS's approach toward sustainability impact the triple bottom line? Be specific.

2. Which internal and external stakeholders are positively and negatively affected by UPS's approach to sustainability?

3. Which of the six general environmental forces influenced Mr. Kuehn's approach toward sustainability? Discuss.

4. To what extent is UPS's approach toward sustainability consistent with the four approaches to deciding ethical dilemmas?

5. Evaluate UPS's approach toward sustainability against Carroll's model of social responsibility shown in Figure 3.2.

6. How does UPS's approach toward sustainability "pay off"?

Reference no: EM131041932

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