How does this value compare to the theoretical efficiency
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Problem 1: A Carnot cycle operates in a closed system using steam: saturated liquid at 20 bar (state A) is heated isothermally until it becomes saturated vapor (state B), expanded by reversible adiabatic process to 10 bar (state C), partially condensed to state D, and finally compressed by reversible adiabatic process to initial state A.

a) Obtain the properties (T, P, V, U, H, and S) at the four states, A, B, C, and D, and summarize the results in a table.

b) Calculate the amount of heat and work involved in each of the four legs of the process.

c) Calculate the net amount of work that is produced.

d) Calculate the ratio of the network over the amount of heat absorbed at the high temperature of the cycle. How does this value compare to the theoretical efficiency of the Carnot cycle that is calculated based on the two operating temperatures?

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