How does failure to manage bandwidth

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What is bandwidth, and what role does it play in networks?

How does failure to manage bandwidth and/or packet size lead to packet delays? How can error detection/correction techniques hurt network performance?

Explain CRC and how it is used in error detection.

Explain why encoding is used when transmitting data and how does the receiver identify the start of each new packet?

Explain one type of encoding and how it works (i.e., NRZ, NRZI (NRZ Inverted), Manchester, 4B/5B, etc.). What are any advantages or disadvantages for the chosen type of encoding?

Explain the difference between Time Division Multiplexing and Frequency Division Multiplexing. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

Explain the following Terms: T-1, E-1, DS-0, DS-1. Explain the difference in data rates (you may also provide a practical example).

Explain SONET synchronization and the different SONET rates (as well as multiplexing from slower to higher rates).

What are other ways for multiple channels to share a single wire? One approach is frequency-division multiplexing, or putting each channel on a different carrier frequency. Name the other ways.

What is the Optical Transport Network, or OTN three primary rates and what are their functions?

Reference no: EM131240096

Programming the internet

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More people are utilizing online shopping and banking. Explain one method that you believe is most effective in cracking Web passwords.

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List at least five different pieces of hardware

(1) Identify the hardware you have on your computer and catagorize each piece as input, output, or both. (2) List at least five different pieces of hardware with at least on

Generate the intermediate code

Generate the intermediate code for the following expression assuming the usual rules concerning parentheses, precedence and associativity. Be sure to reuse temporaries as so

Configuring nic teaming on a server

You are configuring NIC teaming on a server with two network adapters. You chose Switch Independent Mode. You now must choose between the two modes determining if one adapte


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